Mar 012013

How do we reach our potential?

Potential is all around us. It is abundant in every kernel of our experience. Anyone who has seen MacGyver knows that if your the right person in the right situation you can make a hot air balloon out of homemade glue, random scraps of nylon, a metal shed, and some gas canisters and fly off to safety (Season 3, Episode 6). MacGuver sees the potential in everything and thus always gets to his destination. If you can pick the right lotto ticket you can change your financial status instantly. The potential is there for anything to happen right now, if only we can see it.
Our potential is unknown to us, it is an every expending mystery whose corners always go deeper. So if we are to reach our potential, how do we figure out where to go? How will we get there?

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Feb 022013

In Ayurveda we are said to have five bodies which we must all keep in balance in order to be happy. In addition to the physical body there is the mental body, the emotional body, the wise body and the divine body. Health is about more than just maintaining ourselves psychically. Often emotions get in the way of our judgement. It is important to keep ourselves balanced in order to avoid stress to our entire being.

Emotional Freedom technique is a modern adaption of acupuncture which seems to help me with my own emotional growth.

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