Jan 192015
Lately a lot of people have been asking me about Thieves Oil. It is actually an oil combination that I use a lot. Not only is it’s aroma one of my favorites, very uplifting and powerful, I also find that it is a very useful combination.
I first came across Thieves Oil when it was left in my truck after a long camping trip. It was in a vial with a handmade label that said “Thieves.” It was intoxicating. I was instantly a fan. This lead me to do a little research and I found that the recipe was easily found on the website and until recently I only remembered the brief version of the story that I read when I first found the recipe on a Young Living website.

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Apr 012014

Happy New Year! That’s what you say this time of year if you are Chinese, Persian or part of an old culture like Babylon that worshiped the earth and it’s cycles. Spring officially begins on March 21st and the spring equinox marks beginning of the years life cycle. So this is the New Year folks! Time to celebrate!

The winter cold is over and seeds planted over winter are ready to start their sprouting! Spring is traditionally a time to plant new crops in the earth and we are encouraged to mirror those actions in our personal lives with actions like starting new projects and making new beginnings.

This is the time of year to clear out the dust from last years crops and plant something new! But how do we do that? Where can I start to make a difference in my life? The answer? A little at a time.

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Mar 012013

How do we reach our potential?

Potential is all around us. It is abundant in every kernel of our experience. Anyone who has seen MacGyver knows that if your the right person in the right situation you can make a hot air balloon out of homemade glue, random scraps of nylon, a metal shed, and some gas canisters and fly off to safety (Season 3, Episode 6). MacGuver sees the potential in everything and thus always gets to his destination. If you can pick the right lotto ticket you can change your financial status instantly. The potential is there for anything to happen right now, if only we can see it.
Our potential is unknown to us, it is an every expending mystery whose corners always go deeper. So if we are to reach our potential, how do we figure out where to go? How will we get there?

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Feb 162013

Divination (from Latin divinare “to foresee, to be inspired by a god”,[2] related to divinus, divine)

Divine – The Intangible Understanding of the Universe
Nation – Gathering of Information into a System

Divination is basically the gathering of the intangible into a system by which it can be made tangible.

Often people speak of Divination in it’s popular sense, the attempt to read the future. Divination is more than that, it is used to read what we cannot see with our own eyes or senses. The Diviner draws a symbol from a system of symbols he has studied and uses his knowledge of that symbol, the system, and his intuition to give the “Seeker” insight to the parts of the Universe he cannot see. This allows a Seeker to see the Universe more clearly in order to make better choices.

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Feb 022013

In Ayurveda we are said to have five bodies which we must all keep in balance in order to be happy. In addition to the physical body there is the mental body, the emotional body, the wise body and the divine body. Health is about more than just maintaining ourselves psychically. Often emotions get in the way of our judgement. It is important to keep ourselves balanced in order to avoid stress to our entire being.

Emotional Freedom technique is a modern adaption of acupuncture which seems to help me with my own emotional growth.

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Jan 022013

The Holidays have been pretty crazy and with ups and downs and stress and too much indulgence. So I am going to go on a cleanse to get me back on track and help myself to heal and recharge during the cold winter months. I will be doing this with a group who will all be doing their own goal attainment for January. If we support each other and have some social events that are health based we will be ore successful.  Freinds should design their own cleanse based on their own ideas about health and well being. It is important for us to share our ideas while being true to our individual perceptions. To start January 6th.

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